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The Underdog Project

The Underdog Project Album: “Summer Jam [CD/12"]”

Album Information :
Title: Summer Jam [CD/12"]
Release Date:2000-11-14
Explicit Lyrics:Yes
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Track Listing :
1 Summer Jam [Radio Edit]
2 Summer Jam [Extended Mix]
3 Summer Jam [2-Step Mix]
4 Summer Jam [Acappella]
5 Summer Jam [Video Edit]
Dance Music Guy (Cajun Country, LA) - July 21, 2001
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- This is more than just a "Summer Jam" !

This is a really cool freestyle/dance track. It is very similar to Collage or Stevie B. because of the male vocals. I don't like too many freestyle male-vocal trax, but this one is outstanding! The lyrics are really easy-to-learn. The background beat sounds alot like Adrianna's song "Forever" on her "Until Tomorrow" single. There is also some record-scratching samples that sound like they are from Will Smith's "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It". I was very glad that they included a few extra remixes(that are all good)on here. The "Acapella" version would be great to lay down your own beats to make your own remixes. The only thing that may hurt this song is the title. I don't think that it will be played in clubs or on the radio too much, if at all, once Summer is over. Otherwise, this a slammin' cruising song because it really bumps on car systems. Checkout my "more about me" section to find some more great trax like this one. If my review was helpful to you, then don't forget to vote. THANKS!

Customer review - April 09, 2001
- The Jam of this Summer

I was in Germany last summer and this was the #1 hit there. I hoped that it would make its way to the States. Summer Jam will defintely be the #1 dance hit here in America as well. It has that 80s Freestyle flair mixed with todays dance flavor. This is defintely the song that you keep rewinding as you cruiz down the neighborhood all summer long.