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Taylor Swift

Disco de Taylor Swift: “The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection”

Disco de Taylor Swift: “The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection”
Información del disco :
Título: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection
Fecha de Publicación:2007-01-01
Género:Country, Holiday
Sello Discográfico:NBC/Big Machine
Letras Explícitas:No
Valoración de Usuarios :
Media (4.4) :(61 votos)
45 votos
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Lista de temas :
2 Christmas When You Were Mine
E. Ranoco "eCoder" (Stockton, CA USA) - 19 Octubre 2007
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- This is just Amazing...

The CD is amazing! Taylor has a great voice and has these songs on this CD:







It may not even Halloween yet, but it's already scary to feel the spirit of Christmas through the sounds of an angel in the month of October. If you can find a copy of this CD, it would be one of the best Christmas gifts you could buy for yourself or for someone special during this Holiday season. Remember to have some heart if you have this CD. Please don't overprice just because it is seemingly rare.

B. Wong - 24 Diciembre 2009
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- A Must Have, for Any True Fan.

Swifty does it, again. It's impossible for her to put out bad music. Sure, there are only six songs on this album; but quantity does not equal quality. Taylor should be commended for her integrity in never stuffing filler songs in her albums.


1. "Last Christmas" starts the album off with a bang! (or should I say Wham!?;) Taylor's cover of George Michael's holiday classic has a more upbeat tempo and fun, rock and roll edge along with a tongue-in-cheek gender turn, but still perfectly conveying her persona of heart-on-her-sleeve vulnerability.

2. "Christmases When You Were Mine". First of the two new Taylor songs on this album slows down the mood. The usual great lyrics from team Swift/Rose in a monologue to a broken-up lover and the Christmas memories they shared.

3. "Santa Baby". Playing the materialistic vixen perfectly. I like the tongue-in-cheek allusion, "one more thing I need, the deed, to a platinum mine". Judging by the number of platinum albums she has, I'd say TayTay's got that covered.

4. "Silent Night". Beautiful, spiritual, uplifting. Perfect song for her voice. Like an angel singing.

5. "Christmas Must Be Something More". The other new Taylor song, upbeat tempo, worth the price of the entire album. Taylor gets a lot of inspiration from fairy tales, this one's from the Dr. Seuss classic "The Grinch That Stole Christmas", but of course, putting her own unique spin: "So here's to the birthday boy who saved our lives". Taylor's not afraid to show her spiritual, Christian values here, where she downplays the commercialism and materialism that Christmas has become (in stark contrast to track 3 "Santa Baby"). The great artists, like Taylor Swift, remind us of the Truth with their art.

6. "White Christmas". Nice quiet, peaceful ending with this classic.

Alax Martin - 19 Noviembre 2009
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- More could have been done

I will start this review saying like a lot of people, I am a big Taylor fan. Her first 2 CDs and her addition with Plantium addition are defintely 5 stars.

However, ths Christmas edition only has 6 songs on it total and Taylor only is perfoming in 3 of them. This CD is worth the low price, however.


1. Last Christmas- George Michael

2.Christmases When You Were Mine- Taylor Swift, Liz Rose, Nathan Chapman

3.Santa Baby- Joan Ellen Jarvis, Phillip and Tony Springer

4. Silent Night- Taylor Swift

5. Christmas Must Me Something More- Taylor Swift

6. White Christmas- Taylor Swift

Note: The Santa Baby Taylor performed on NBC is NOT on this album.

S. Suminski (Eastpointe, MI) - 28 Agosto 2010
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- Great CD

I remember seeing this in stores once when it was originally out and when I went back sold out never to be seen again. Glad I found a copy on Amazon as this is one of the best Xmas CD's in recent memory.

paperclipmouse - 31 Agosto 2010
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- Fantastic Holiday Album!

This is a beautiful compilation of Christmas songs sung by my favorite artist,Taylor Swift.With her beautiful voice and musical talents,she makes classic holiday songs sound even better!I highly recommend that you buy this if you like Taylor Swift and Christmas songs.