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Roxette Album: “Greatest Video Hits”

Roxette Album: “Greatest Video Hits”
Album Information :
Title: Greatest Video Hits
Release Date:1998-09-22
Genre:Pop, Mainstream Rock, Love Songs
Explicit Lyrics:Yes
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Track Listing :
1 Look
7 Fading Like Aflower
8 Big L
J C M (CA, USA) - July 12, 2000
28 of 28 people found the following review helpful:
- Excellent & complete collection of videos from 1989 to 1995

The best aspect of this video is that it has the entire collection of Roxette's videos from their breakthrough international success up to their greatest hits collection. Everything is here, the hits, the shoulda-been hits and, surprisingly, even the soundtrack contributions (which are often absent in video/music greatest hits colections due to legal red tape). The list of videos is as follows: "You Don't Understand Me" "The Look" "Dressed For Success" "Listen To Your Heart" "Dangerous" "It Must Have Been Love" "Joyride" "Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)" "The Big L." "Spending My Time" "Church Of Your Heart" "(Do You Get) Excited?" "How Do You Do!" "Queen Of Rain" "Fingertips '93" "Almost Unreal" "Sleeping In My Car" "Crash! Boom! Bang!" "Fireworks" "Run To You" "Vulnerable" Directors of the aforementioned videos are: Greg Masuak, Peter Heath, Doug Freel, Anders Skog, Wayne Isham, Matt Murray, Michael Geoghegan, and "Ray Of Light"'s Jonas Akerlund. The video is a must-buy for any Roxette fan, especially American fans who have been sorely deprived of Roxette videos after the "Joyride" album. It's a treat to finally see the videos Roxette have made to accompany "Tourism" and "Crash! Boom! Bang!". Not only is it great to be exposed to new Roxette videos, its also fun to watch their older videos in their American heyday which bring back so many memories. The progression of the videos is quite impressive. They begin in the late '80s, and it shows. Although unpolished, the early videos are still great fun. Even better are the following videos, with higher production values and bigger budgets. As the years go by, the music videos mature into 4 minute masterpieces and expand our vision of Roxette. All in all, an excellent buy for anyone who likes Roxette. My personal favorites: "You Don't Understand Me", "Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)", "The Big. L", and "Crash! Boom! Bang!".

Duckman & Weasel "D&W (Kingrow)" (Christchurch, New Zealand) - November 19, 2003
- Boredom Lacks - Roxette's Back!

The definitive video the time anyway. A little out-dated since their 2001 DVD release, "All the Videos and More!", but still a great piece of entertainment.

On buying this it was the first time I had seen most of the videos featured on it. Coming from New Zealand, it wasn't that often you saw many by this fabulous Swedish duo.

The only thing that I would've liked from this release, in order to make me give it 5 stars instead of 4, is the fact that the video came out before the release of the other singles from the greatest hits album. "You Don't Understand Me" is an excellent video (one of my top 5, actually), but I still would've liked to had seen "June Afternoon" and "She Doesn't Live Here Anymore" on it as well.

It still rates highly on my you-must-have-this list. So please do yourself a favour someday. :)