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Marc Anthony

Disco de Marc Anthony: “Valio la Pena”

Disco de Marc Anthony: “Valio la Pena”
Descripción (en inglés) :
Personnel include: Marc Anthony (vocals); Jennifer Lopez (vocals); Bernd Schoenhart (acoustic guitar); Luis Aquino (trumpet); Sergio George (piano, keyboards, background vocals); Alex Duque (bass instrument); Diego Gale (congas, bongos, bata); Robert Vilera (bata, timbales); Kevin Ricard (bata). <p>Recording information: Record One, Los Angeles, CA; Ocean Way, Los Angeles, California; Sound On Sound Studios, New York, New York. <p>Throughout his career, Marc Anthony has moved between his love for salsa and his passion for romantic pop. His first 2004 release, AMAR SIN MENTIRAS, drifted distinctly to the lighter side of Anthony's aesthetic, as he filled the air around him with deeply seductive torch songs. For a follow-up, released only months later, Anthony takes the title of the most salsa-fied tune from AMAR SIN MENTIRAS, "Valio Lo Pena," and reinvents six more songs from that album with a swifter beat, adding an eighth song--the slower, traditional "Lamento Boricano." <p>The result is a short, spirited record, completely different from its predecessor. The biggest change comes on the duet "Escapemonos" (performed with Jennifer Lopez), where Anthony augments the former ballad with horns and a funky Latin beat. Anthony has always been a Renaissance man, juggling an acting career with his multifaceted recording legacy, but, on VALIO LA PENA, he truly reveals his inventive nature.
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Lista de temas :
1 Valio la Pena - (salsa version)
2 Escapemonos - (Spanish, salsa version, featuring Jennifer Lopez)
3 Ahora Quien - (Spanish, salsa version)
4 Tu Amor Me Hace Bien - (Spanish, salsa version)
5 Volando Entre Tus Brazos - (Spanish, salsa version)
6 Amigo - (Spanish, salsa version)
7 Se Esfuma Tu Amor - (Spanish, salsa version)
8 Lamento Borincano - (Spanish, salsa version)
Información del disco :
Título: Valio la Pena
Género:Pop Vocal - Latin Vocals
Artista:Marc Anthony
Artistas Invitados:Jennifer Lopez
Productor:Sergio George
Sello:Sony Discos Inc.
Distribuidora:EMI Music Distribution
Fecha de publicación:2004/07/27
Año de publicación original:2004
Número de discos:1
Mono / Estéreo:Stereo
Estudio / Directo:Studio
GIO (GA) - 15 Julio 2005
3 personas de un total de 3 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Worth the Money!!

It took a while for me to buy this cd, but just kept hearing more and more songs from this cd on the radio and they were all great! My faves are "Se esfuma tu amor" and "valio la pena", but must say...this is probably Marc's best salsa release!

Arturo "Salsero Boricua" (Chicago, IL) - 23 Agosto 2004
3 personas de un total de 3 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Sí vale la pena

Well, I have to start of by saying that, like many other salseros, I'm not a fan of Spanish Pop. Me cansé de escuchar cantantes de Salsa o Merengue cambiar a la música pop. So I didn't bother to listen to Amar Sin Mentiras. That being the case I didn't mind that this CD was just a remix of the pop songs on that CD (If you have listened to or purchased Amar Sin Mentiras this might bother you though). Valió La Pena is good Salsa. It's not quite on the level of Todo A Su Tiempo or Contra La Corriente, but it's good Salsa just the same. The title track, "Valió La Pena," has a good hard hitting up tempo beat. I also particularly like "Ahora Quien." As per his usual Sergio George (the musical producer of the album) provides great musical arrangements. I definetely recommend this album to fans of Marc Anthony's Salsa music.

Roberto "elsaborico" (Brooklyn, NY) - 01 Septiembre 2004
7 personas de un total de 9 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- valio la pena

valio la pena esperar por este cd aunque sea el remix en salsa del disco amar sin mentiras, lo unico que no me gusto fue que incluyo la cancion con jennifer lopez que es bastante mala en pop y en salsa anyway me gusta tanto el cd que me quede con las ganas cuando llegas a la ultima cancion te quedas esperando por mas (cancion favorita valio la pena)

Andrea N. Smith "Nicolasa" (Chicago, IL) - 13 Agosto 2004
2 personas de un total de 2 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Good, but not his best

You know, I was so excited to finally get another salsa album from Marc, and then I find out that it's just salsa remixes of stuff on his Amar Sin Mentiras album. I was really dissappointed! You wait all this time, hoping for something completely new and different, and its just a bunch of remixes of things I've already heard! What a letdown. Even so, it's not a complete letdown. I've accepted what he's given us, and I do like what I hear. The music is great, I've been listening to it all the time, especially Tu Amor Me Hace Bien, Valio la Pena, and Lamento Borincano. It's just the principle! I say he owes us another brand new ORIGINAL salsa album!

okierican77 - 29 Julio 2004
2 personas de un total de 2 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Salsa version of Amar

As a Marc Anthony fan, I have long awaited this salsa version of his spanish pop album Amar Sin Mentiras. He didn't disappoint. I skipped out on his pop album because I felt that pop is not his strength. With Valio la Pena, Marc Anthony showcases why he's the current king of salsa. Plus, his rendition of Lamento Borincano is the best I've heard in a long time and it is not one to miss!