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Marc Anthony

Disco de Marc Anthony: “Iconos”

Disco de Marc Anthony: “Iconos”
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Título: Iconos
Fecha de Publicación:2010-05-25
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Letras Explícitas:No
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Media (3.8) :(40 votos)
22 votos
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J. C. Herrera (Houston, TX) - 25 Mayo 2010
12 personas de un total de 12 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Marc Sings His Heart Out

Marc take classics and gives them new life with his great vocal talent.

Marc proves that he can do it all. Yes, Salsa is his main bread winner. However, Marc also had a very successful crossover album, with hits She Sang to Me and I Need to Know.

Marc shows us more success with spanish power ballads, and can take on many genres of music. Why just sing Salsa with his level of talent? Why be subjected to just one style of music? It makes so much sense that Marc took on this project.

Marc's talent makes every song on this album, special.

Jonathan Cohen (San Jose, CA) - 01 Septiembre 2010
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- Fearlessly Romantic

This beautiful ballad collection shows that Mark Anthony is above all a great singer. He has the voice and the sense of drama to drive forward these big, sweeping, almost operatic arrangements and the result is one of his best recordings yet. Not many singers alive can combine this range of emotion with so much taste, courage and dignity.

Anna-Mae Artim (CORTLAND, NY, US) - 07 Agosto 2010
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- Extraordinary Album: "Iconos" by Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony's new album, "Iconos," is unlike any album made. His rendering of emotions in each of the songs is so moving that it transports one to a visual image of the event taking place in the song! What an artist! Latin music is always my choice for its emotional content and this album cannot be surpassed among my collection. Marc's choice of selections for this album from renditions of his own favorite artists of the past illustrates his reverence for their contributions to the Latin music field. No one else could have achieved the height of excellence portrayed in this album. It's no wonder his final works are sparce--it takes lots of time to contemplate and arrange such perfection in music.

KarlaJulietta - 13 Septiembre 2011
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- New CD is not for the same audience he had before

This album is nothing short than phenomenal. He did a tremendous job picking the songs and I felt like I truly appreciated his voice for the very first time.

if you're wondering why the mixed reviews, this album is a complete change of genre for him. These songs are from older generations and very popular songs for those of us who lived in latin america.

If you're looking for more of his old stuff, this may not be for you. If you're familiar with Jose Jose, Jose Luis Perales, and other old school composers and singers - then this is for you!!!

J. Ortiz (San Antonio, TX) - 18 Junio 2010
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- amazingly beautiful

I am a huge fan of Marc Anthony and although I do prefer his salsa, this cd was amazing. The songs are interpreted beautifully. My favorte is Y Come Es El? Se me suben los pelos. This is obviously not a dancing cd, it's something you listen to and you will want to listen to it over and over and over. They are old classic songs but it doesn't matter, he has made them sound new. Altough I cannot wait until his next salsa cd comes out I am enjoying this one to max.