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Marc Anthony

Disco de Marc Anthony: “Mended [Bonus Tracks]”

Disco de Marc Anthony: “Mended [Bonus Tracks]”
Información del disco :
Título: Mended [Bonus Tracks]
Fecha de Publicación:2003-10-14
Género:Latin, Pop, Soft Pop
Sello Discográfico:Columbia
Letras Explícitas:No
Valoración de Usuarios :
Media (3.9) :(60 votos)
28 votos
13 votos
7 votos
10 votos
2 votos
Lista de temas :
13 Te Tengo Aguí
14 Me Haces Falta [*]
15 Tragedia [*]
fabio-italy (milan, italy) - 20 Febrero 2003
4 personas de un total de 4 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- One Step Ahead!

This sophomore effort by Marc Anthony results in my eyes more fun and uptempo than his first CD in English.

A lot is due to the fact that Walter Afanasieff has been cast what Afanasieff comes up with best, ballads, do not overcrowd this new project.

Marc has got anyway the 2 killer tracks off the cd in them: LOVE WON'T GET ANY BETTER and DO YOU BELIVE IN LONELINESS are absolute AC masterpieces.

Too bad that apparently Sony is focusing all of their efforts in promoting this album through the wrong tunes.

All of the singles chosen so far by the label (I'VE GOT YOU and I NEED YOU) are catchy, but there's so much better to choose from within this material.

TRAGEDY should have been the first single, co-written by the same Rob Davis of MatchBox 20 - and vocalist of that huge Santana hit of a couple of years ago... - and produced by Ric Wake, it was dumped at the very last minute by Sony as a single due to its title and the Sept., 11th facts...

Actually it is very good, reminds me a lot of I NEED TO KNOW.

Same great choruses and beats.

Afanasieff may be gone but his long-time assistant Dan Shea was promoted full-time producer by Anthony, while Corey Rooney is still part of the game too and they do their job nicely.

Other uptempos worth of mentioning are I SWEAR and GIVE ME A REASON (and David Morales steps on kicking out Rodney Jerkins...), while another couple of blowaway love songs are SHE MENDS ME (isn't Kara DioGuardi the new Diane Warren?) and the splendid I WANNA BE FREE - great guitar looping...

No need to tell you, Marc voice is a natural for ballad...all those emotions seem to find home in his phrasings.

And since the guy has got a hardcore latin-based fan group, it's no surprise getting 3 bonus tracks of the Spanish versions of some of these songs.

Plus...Marc finally found a good artcover! Let's buy this and celebrate!

Luis D. Vargas (Ponce, Puerto Rico) - 31 Mayo 2002
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- More Adult Conteporary Than The First English Album

Nothing wrong with being more Lite Rock and possibly parting ways the mainstream top 40, but even artists like Chicago or even a Richard Marx and others alike, before and after, their songs were not as monotone or sleepy. His voice is still great, no question about that. But I have to agree with a recent review on this site that he needs a heavier hitter producer. Nothing against Corey Rooney and others that worked on this disc, but someone that has a voice like Marc Anthony should have someone like Quincy Jones and even Mutt Lange to put in better musical arrangements to accompany Marc's voice. The current song that is being played on the radio (track 3) and its Spanish version (track 13) are the best songs on the CD. Catch the other songs at your nearest elevator or dentist office, except "Tragedy". The voice alone does not make the album!

Marcial Quintero "marcial4" (Maracaibo, Venezuela) - 11 Agosto 2002
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- A good release for a great singer

I'm a Marc Anthony Fan, I enjoyed his past albums, specially the spanish ones (Libre it's to me his best album in spanish) and without discussion, Mended it's a better album than his first english release called like him, but not better than Libre or Contra La Corriente. Clearly mended was made in a period he was in love of his ex-husband, so if you are in love, you will enjoy a lot this album, especially songs like She Mends Me, I Need You and I've Got You. Even there are a new version of the song Tragedy (I like this version, but I prefer the radio version). In general, the album is good, and if you are a Marc fan, you will enjoy the power of his voice.

maria manjalena (Penang, Malaysia) - 03 Noviembre 2002
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- Mended - not to be missed

I am a great fan of Marc Anthony and this is his second english album that I have bought. Mended has all the love songs for those who are in love especially songs like I've Got You, I Need You and Everything You Do. Its very refreshing! His vocals are getting much better and stronger and one can get hooked just listening to him belting out his songs. I wish there are more to come and I will definitely keep on collecting.

Análisis de usuario - 01 Junio 2002
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- Enjoyable

Maybe Marc's wonderful voice doesn't sound as convincing on this album as it does on his other Spanish albums. However, I often notice with artists who are usually recording in Spanish that by crossing over to English it's actually the change of the language that causes the loss of the softness in their pronounciation (and makes songs less sensual).

Being more of a salsa fan I was, too, surprised that it's much more a mainstream production (especially compared to Libre) but it's still very enjoyable.

Despite everything I myself find it to be a good album to experience his vocal abilities.