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Céline Dion

Céline Dion Album: “A New Day Has Come”

Céline Dion Album: “A New Day Has Come”
Description :
Personnel includes: Celine Dion (vocals); Dorian Cheah (guitar, violin); Michael Thompson, Paul Jackson Jr (guitar); Felipe Elgueta, Simon Franglen, Guy Roche (programming); Chantal Kreviazuk, Richard Page, Sam Watters, Mary Griffin, Sue Ann Carwell, Yvonne Williams, Joey Diggs, John Stoddast (background vocals). <p>Producers include: Ric Wake, Gerald De Palmas, Robert "Mutt" Lange, Simon Franglen, Anders Bagge. <p>This album represents Celine Dion's return to recording after a lengthy hiatus (nobody ever believed that "retirement" guff) taken to spend time with her family. As such, the aptly titled A NEW DAY HAS COME finds everybody's favorite French Canadian diva audibly reveling in her return to the vocation for which she was born. The title track finds Dion's elegant voice resplendent amid a pool of twinkling synthesizers, full of energy and joy. "Right in Front of You" opens with some attention-grabbing violin-sawing before giving way to a Euro-synth sound that falls halfway between power ballad and dance tune a la Cher. There's no question about the balladic nature of "Have You Ever Been in Love," it's the kind of heart-on-sleeve tune Dion's big, soaring voice was made for. Elsewhere, Dion stretches out a bit, touching on R&B with "Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)" and a poignant version of Eden Ahbez's standard "Nature Boy," but that familiar vocal stamina is consistent throughout A NEW DAY HAS COME.
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Track Listing :
5 New Day Has Come, A - (Ric Wake radio remix)
13 Greatest Reward, The
15 New Day Has Come, A
Album Information :
Title: A New Day Has Come
Genre:Pop Vocal - Contemp. Pop Vocals
Artist:Celine Dion
Guest Artists:Chantal Kreviazuk
Label:Epic (USA)
Distributed:Sony Music Distribution (
Release Date:2002/03/26
Original Release Year:2002
Mono / Stereo:Stereo
Studio / Live:Studio
Javier Lopez (Peru) - February 02, 2003
19 of 19 people found the following review helpful:
- What a great return...Wow!

The only word that I can use for this CD is WOW!, it's beautiful, all the songs are great, I can really say that the waiting time was worth it.

As soon as you play the CD, it starts with the the incredible "I'm alive", I think that this is Celine's best (it's really strange that didn't charted in the Hot 100, well I think that sometimes that's better because when a good song tops the charts it means that maybe you're gonna hate it because they play them to much).

The second song "Right in front of you" has a mix of great sound and beautiful lyrics, this one is followed by "Have you ever been in love" which is a romantic soft ballad, track #4 was written by Tina Turner's songwritter Terry Writting (What's love got to do with it), the song is "Rain, tax", after this song comes the great hit "A new day has come", what a wonderful song!, then comes "Ten days" actually this song it's a cover from a french singer (I don't remember his name) the song is powerful.

If you wanna dance you have track #11 "Sorry for love".

Sue (Arizona, USA) - June 15, 2002
11 of 11 people found the following review helpful:
- Celine Strikes Gold With Her Comeback Album!

I was worried that Celine's comeback album wouldn't be as spectacular as the 1996 FALLING INTO YOU and LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE. But now I can say, having purchased the album, and having listened to it a good twenty times, that she couldn't have produced anything better....

Anyway, Celine has a variety of songs on here, ranging from some surprising pop ones to some more classics to her beautiful ballads. The album starts with I'M ALIVE, which is fresh, and has a 'make-you-wanna-dance' rhythm to it. Then there's RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, which starts out dark and swiches to a poppish sound, the one that Celine seems to give a mature and beautiful sound to. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE is a beautiful song, with some of the most beautiful lyrics. RAIN, TAX (IT'S INEVITABLE) is a more electric sound, which is new for Celine, but I really don't like it. It doesn't suit her. A NEW DAY HAS COME, which you've probably heard on the radio, is just a beautiful song which serves as the title of the album. I also like the original version, which is track 15. TEN DAYS is a leaving of Celine's regular style, but I think that this is a pretty OK song as well. GOODBYE'S (THE SADDEST WORD) is a beautiful ballad that actually can make you cry. PRAYER'S also a more Celine song, and I SURRENDER is one of my favorites, and a surefire Celine ballad, where her voice sounds beautiful. I didn't care for AT LAST that much, liking the original version better, but Celine's was all right. SORRY FOR LOVE is also beautiful, and I think it should be her next single, especially with those high notes at the end. AUN EXISTE AMOR is a Spanish song. It's probably my lack of Spanish that makes me skip this track, but it is rather pretty. THE GREATEST REWARD is a brief, but beautiful song, which seems made for Celine's voice. WHEN THE WRONG ONE LOVES YOU RIGHT is another pop song, but it's Celine pop, which means it's worth listening to. Skipping over A NEW DAY HAS COME (ALBUM VERSION), there's NATURE BOY. A lot of people said they liked the original better, but I liked Celine's much better. Her voice is just hauntingly beautiful.

I think that this album was a beautiful comeback for Celine. It also showed Celine's open-mindedness to all styles of music, which I think is really important. All in all, it's not one of those albums where you can say "I have the last one, I don't need this." I would definitely recommend buying it.

Nicole Imbeault (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) - April 08, 2002
9 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
- Celine hasn't lost her touch

When I first heard Celine's new song "A New Day Has Come", I couldn't wait for the album to come out. I bought it the day it came out. The wait was worth it as I was not disappointed. Celine is my favorite singer and I'm glad she is back.

This album is different from others she has released in the past. Each album she has put out has been different. Celine has had the opportunity to record songs by different songwriters. Alot of critics have slammed Celine because she doesn't write her own material. I feel that singers who don't write their own songs are better off since they don't run the risk of having every song on an album sound the same.

This album is packed with ballads and catchy uptempo songs. My favorites are "I'm Alive"-a good start off song; "Right In Front Of You"-very catchy; both versions of "A New Day Has Come"; "Goodbye's the Saddest Word"-the tearjerker song, "I Surrender"-typical Celine ballad; "The Greatest Reward"-another ballad and "Sorry for Love"-the Cher-like dance tune.

Thank you, Celine, for including the collage of photos in the album booklet. Even though Celine was away from the spotlight for two years, her voice is as great as ever. It's nice to have her back in an industry that has been dominated by the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Here's to a great comeback album!

Randy Brooks (Baltimore, Maryland United States) - April 18, 2002
8 of 8 people found the following review helpful:
- The New Day Proves Worth Waiting For

Celine Dion is somewhat of an easy target for reviewers. Her music is built to satisfy the needs of the middle of the road pop adult contemparary audience. A New Day falls right in line with that however, It is a very flowing beautiful piece of work and that makes up for what it lacks in Edge. Celine is the last great pop diva to not lose her voice or fan base (Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey both have lost both voice and fan base and on personal notes respect from the media). The one thing that sets this apart from Let's Talk About Love and Falling into you is that Celine is not oversinging any of the songs she just kind of flows through them lending her voice when needed. The title track has an unplugged version which is my favioraite item on the album, also worth noting is I'm Alive I Surrender Right Here in Front of You When The Wrong One Loves You Right. At Last is a nice remake however i've been spiled by Christina Aguilara's version and Celine (even though she could) gives it no ummph also Nature Boy (which appears on Moulin Rouge with David Bowie instead of her at the mic) is kind of dragging as well but make no mistake this is a cd you can listen to from beggining to end with your baby (man or your child) I can say that this is definitely one of the years best and Celine is to be commended

"simsteve3000" - July 24, 2002
7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
- Celine's Anticipated comeback!

I just bought this cd 5 days ago, and it took a while to grow into me. well worth the wait is what this album is trying to say, and "leave the past behind, cuz a new day has come." she did an extremely unthinkable thing.(mixing different potions of music into 1 c.d. instead of getting all sappy, like on Lets talk about love). amazing.

1.I'm Alive: 95/100. a great opener to a deliciously different album. it's the theme song for Stuart Little 2.

8.Prayer: 89/100. good, but not very moving to me.

Average Album Rating: 92/100, 5 stars for celine!

With a cd like this, only a non celine fan wouldn't love it! although this is so, i wouldn't recommend this for newcomers. start with All The Way(A Decade of Song), or Unison. Both of those are suitable for newbies. ciao.